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Friday, January 12, 2007

Product Review: iRule Motus Adventure Racing Shorts

When Daryl of iRule fame offered me a pair of his company's new adventure racing shorts to review, I jumped at the opportunity to replace my tatty old cycling shorts.

Photo One: Alofa doing her typical arse-rattling daily Mtb commute to work in Wellington City.

They duly arrived and I eagerly unpacked them. "They look very nice, can I borrow them?" asked my partner, Alofa, who was about to head off to work. Of course she could borrow them. Well, that was a big mistake: I was supposed to be test running these flash new shorts; but opening the courier pack has been the closest I have got to wearing them. A couple of months have passed and she won't give them up!

Photo Two: Alofa looking out over Cook Strait, Wellington before attempting the infamous death-drop to the coastline below.

I am not one to argue with her about this matter of ownership. Besides; she looks great in them (And I reckon she knows it). She commutes to work daily on her mountain bike. The Motus shorts have small pockets that are handy for carrying library and security cards, so she does not have to fiddle with a back pack to get her ID.

Another quality of the shorts worth mentioning is the way high quality shock absorbing, super hygienic butt chamois is fashioned and shaped. You don't look and feel like you are wearing bulky nappies when you are off your bike. Alofa assures me they are very good to run in as well. I'll take her word on that.

Photo three: Alofa viewing the memorial to all those cyclist who went before her and never returned. (Note my smart Motus shorts)

At $NZ 129 the price is about right for a high quality pair of shorts that also look damn good. For the technical, pricing and purchasing details here is the direct link.