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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Evening primrose oil and premenstrual discomfort

After reading your article in your web-site about Primrose Oil, I decided to try this if I would notice any difference when having my periods. So I took this a month prior to my period. During the week prior to my period, my breast are very sore (even though you would not think I had them, looking at me, but I do !!!) and when going for runs or cycling, my limbs are very sore and I'm a lot slower for that week duration, if running, I usually end up walking as my legs don't want to run and everything hurts.

I can confirm, that after taking Primrose Oil for the first time ever I did not experience any soreness in my breast which is great, as this is an indication when I know that I'm definitely going to have my period. To add to this, I also did not experience sore limbs while running and cycling which I can't believe, as that week is always a drag and I can't wait for my period to arrive for relief of resolving the soreness in my bones.

I just wanted to let you know, for those women out there, who experience soreness, I definitely recommend Primrose Oil, to be honest, I did not think this was going to work and am amazed it has, I'm enjoying running now. Thanks Gary for your advice and I hope other women will try this to believe this. It definitely worked for me.

Signed anonymous
Gary Moller comments:
Diet and PMT are linked. To what extent, is the debate. Evening Primrose Oil (EPO)has been traditionally used to lessen PMT symptoms. While the research evidence is still undecided, the anecdotal reports, such as the one above, are convincing.

EPO is similar to other Omega 3 oil sources, like flax seed and fish oil; but it differs by being very rich in GLA which has a number of physiological functions that are thought to reduce PMT symptoms.

For very relevant information read my new pages about menopause here.

The idea is to take about 1,000mg per day with food thorughout the month, but to step this up to 3-4,000mg during the 10 or so days before and then during your period. Once the period os over, drop back to 1,000mg.

Even if it does nothing for your PMS, it is still great for keeping skin healthy!

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