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Monday, June 18, 2007

Spontaneous fractures and Fossy Jaw

Bisphosphonate drugs for Osteoporosis,

like Fosamax and Actonel, are taken up by osteoclasts with resulting loss of osteoclast activity and inhibition of bone resorption, and bone remodeling. Although DEXA scanning confirms increased bone density and studies such as the FIT suggest reduced fracture rate, Susan Ott, MD raises questions about the long term safety of bisphosphonates. Although the bisphosphonates appear to have short term benefits, she speculates that after 5 years of use, there is severe suppression of bone formation with negative effects such as microdamage and brittleness.

Spontaneous Fractures of the Mid-Femur
Jennifer P. Schneider, MD, PhD reports a 59-year old previously healthy woman on long-term alendronate. While on a subway train in New York City one morning, the train jolted, and the woman shifted all her weight to one leg, felt a bone snap, and fell to the floor, suffering a spontaneous mid -femur fracture. This is not an isolated report.Avacular Necrosis of the Jaw.

Fossy Jaw
Dimitrakopoulos reports on 11 patients presenting with necrosis of the jaw, claiming this to be a new complication of bisphosphonate therapy administration, i.e. osteonecrosis of jaws. He advised clinicians to reconsider the merits of the rampant use of bisphosphonates. Osteonecrosis of the jaw is a common finding in pycnodysostosis. The bisphosphonates recreate the same clinical profile of spontaneous mid femur fractures, failure of bone healing and jaw necrosis which tormented the famous French artist, Toulouse Lautrec.

For links to references and more information see my newsletter:Fosamax, Actonel, Osteoporosis and Toulouse Lautrec's Disease
Jeffrey Dach MD

Gary Moller comments:
I am dismayed at the wholesale prescription of these drugs to people as early as in their 40's. With a half life estimated to be about 10 years, these drugs may continue to wreak damage for as long as 20 years after stopping taking them.
Why are doctors prescribing these drugs in ever-increasing quantities? One can only speculate: Is it sheer ignorance? Is it because they buy the drug industry propaganda? And, for the industry; is it because the profits today far outweigh the future costs of any law suits?
The consequences of dead bone are straight out of a horror movie: Dead bone and bone rot; fractures that do not heal and loss of jaw bone (Fossy Jaw).

It is good to know that some doctors like Dr Dach are speaking out.
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