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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Which Joint food formulation is the best one for you?

In this video, I explain the differences between the three commonly available glucosamine and chondroiting joint food powder formulations.


Unknown said...

Dear Gary,
I have recently injured my wrist and the MRI reviewed that I have a TFCC tear on my left wrist. The doctor has put my hand in cast starting from my elbow to my hand & was told that I have a 70% chance of recovering. Does your supplement Balance- joint food for athletes help in my situation?
Any other advice? Best Rgds, Kelvin

Gary Moller said...

Of course you will recover 100%! It is just a matter of doing everything right and taking your time.

Have a look at Reparen on my webstore and start taking this daily. You could add Algotene as well. The Joint Food for Athletes will be beneficial.

Keep exercising the rest of your body but be careful not to do any more falling and eat really healthy.

What do you have in the way of rehab planned once the plaster is off? Most important you are properly rehabbed.