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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Does sugar compromise the immune system?

Please put me out of my misery - does sugar compromise the immunity system - reduce "leukocytes sp??" levels in the blood?
I have been told my kid has a cough because she has too much sugar and had poor immunity.
All I can find on
the internet are hundred of references to Dr Stolls claims that sugar does affect immunity.
I know sudden high levels are not advisable - sugar rush - adrenalin injection, etc.
any input appreciated


Dear John
I have absolutely no doubt that excessive sugar compromises child health. Partly because of the direct effects of excessive sugar on the body, including causing harm to the pancreas and
potentially leading to Type II diabetes. There is also the harmful secondary effects caused by sugary foods causing varying degrees of malnutrition. This really applies to nutrient poor processed foods as a whole. Your child needs food that is rich in nutrients. Keep your child away from fat-free foods. Give plenty of fat and exercise and you will have a healthy happy child.

With the other side of my family being Pacific Islanders, I am particularly interested in the impact of the undermining of traditional diets by modern industrialised foods. The effect has been catastrophic on Pacific populations and an end must be put to what is being done for the sake of commercial gain.

Our modern diet is harmful and there is no better way to illustrate this than by the following series of photos that shows the harm done when traditional Pacific Islands diets are replaced by harmful processed "superior" (cough-choke!) European foods:

Photo One
healthy, vibrant happy people with beatutiful facial bone structures. There is almost a complete absence of tooth decay. The facial bones are wide, there is no cramping of the teeth. There is never any need for orthodontic work like braces.

Note the strong jaws and neck muscles - strong enough to lift a 44 gallon drum or to husk a coconut with the teeth! Once common tricks in the Fiji islands to impress the tourists.
Photo Two
No problems getting these healthy Pacific Islanders to smile. Their traditional nutrient dense diets produce strong facial structures that do not cramp or rot the feet. Rich in omega oils and fats, vitamins A, E, D and K they have robust bones and healthy brains. No angry young teenage boys and girls in this population!

Photos three and four
Introduce flour, white sugar and soft drinks that squeeze out the traditional foods and you have rampant tooth rot and catastrophic declines in all measures of health.

Note the subtle loss of facial bone structure and weakening which is apparent even within a single generation of dietary degradation. This leads to the gradual lengthening and narrowing of the face as typically seen nowadays in Westernised populations with the consequent severe cramping of the teeth. Hence the near universal need for orthodontic work nowadays.

Here is the original source of these photos.

Here is a fun video I made of my son about the benefits of a diet that is rich in nutrients and includes raw, full fat milk. No rampant tooth decay, obesity or angry sickly children here!

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