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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hospitals - Toxic Workplaces?

"W" who works within the NZ hospital system writes:

The fatal mistake the west has made is wedding itself to expensive treatments then its focus gets political to maintain the funding to keep the expensive systems. Most people grow up and see the hospitals as the only answer when you get really sick. Its so hard wired into their brains - big centers with lots of machines electronics and chemicals are the way to treat serious conditions.

The most important treatment centre starts at the fruit and veg shop and the bulk buy shops. and the health shops. If doctors prescribed fresh fruit, veges, whole food, we would only need hospitals a fraction of the size we have.

I stare out my window at the back of XXX Hospital and look at the main building which has just had two floors added to it. XXX Hospital is due to double in size. And on and on it goes. Auckland hospital is a city in itself.

If people think medical science holds all the answers then they are consigning themselves to early graves and lives full of far more suffering than they should ever have to endure.

Hospitals are just very crude factories processing people as fast as possible, treating symptoms, sticking bandaids on gaping wounds that can't be seen because they are metabolic in nature, caused by incorrect lifestyle heavily influenced by Western beliefs and marketing hype.

Even the health food industry has a lot to answer for trying to label everything possible as a health food. When it has added empty calories in a great deal of its products.

Having come through 12 years of chronic fatigue, I'm better than I have ever been since I was a teenager. And I know that it is not just a case of patient heal thyself, it is up to the patient find the answers and apply them to thyself. I sent a message to my boss about how to alleviate her high blood pressure through conventional methods and included an official result from a health test I had showing my low blood pressure when once I had high blood pressure myself. I received no response whatsoever, these people condemn themselves to an early grave through their narrow minds
Gary Moller comments:
I could not have said this better. Thanks "W". I once had a physiotherapist friend (Sadly she passed away prematurely cancer) who commented that Wellington Hospital was a toxic workplace! I am no fan of hospitals and the over-reliance on pharmaceuticals. The health system, as it is structured and and funded is distorting health care.

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