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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oxfam Trailwalker: How much should I be walking or running training?

I have a question and would appreciate your advice.

I am a regular runner, running 5x weekly averaging approx. 40 kms a week. I prefer running to walking but think that I should be conditioning my body to walking as our team will mostly walk the trail. How much walking should I be doing? I was also thinking of doing a half-marathon in the first week of March – am I being too ambitious and should I focus more on the long distance walking?

I look forward to your ideas.

Gary Moller advises:
Leanne, you are obviously very fit. You should have no trouble doing the half marathon and
then doing the Oxfam. Run the half not 100%. Run it steady with 10% left in the tank at the finish. Then have three days of complete rest, take plenty of vitamin C and eat well. After three days start back with half the usual training for the next 7-8 days and then gradually build back to where you were then ease off for the last 10 days leading into the Oxfam.

If 80% of the Oxfam is going to be walking then you should make 80% of your training walking. As you will quickly learn, some of the muscles used in running and walking are different and if you do not train them appropriately, then you will pay for it on the day, even if you are extremely fit.

All the best Leanne!

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