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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fosamax osteoporosis drug linked to atypical low-energy fractures

"On March 20, 2008, The New England Journal of Medicine published a physician group report of 15 women taking Fosamax who experienced "atypical low-energy fractures," which means their bones broke doing almost nothing – a serious kind of injury typically seen in very elderly individuals in declining health. The fact that the NEJM is reporting this is a major wake up call to anyone who hasn't figured out that Fosamax is dangerous to your health". ((
Gary Moller comments:
I have been warning readers about the dangers of bisphosphenate drugs for osteoporosis for more than a year now and every concern raised back then is being confirmed.

Here on Prime Time New Zealand television there is a reassuring celebrity named Judith Dobson who fronts a "Health Diary" advertising campaign. Right now she is pushing Fosamax-Plus with vitamin D "For added benefits". Yeah right! This advertising campaign is nothing more than misleading rubbish encouraging women to medicate with a drug that does nothing at all of benefit and much harm, including the much feared "Fossy Jaw" or bone rot in which the jaw bone literally falls to pieces. The same rotting process occurs in the rest of the skeleton, resulting in the kind of catastrophe that can be seen in the x-ray image above.

What the research report quoted above does not tell readers is that these bones have little or no healing capacity, so the prognosis for these poor women is not good.

How doctors can continue to prescribe these poisons beggars belief. Do they read? Please warn your family about these horrific class of drugs and please forward this article onto others.

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