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Thursday, March 27, 2008

My body started to fall apart after being prescribed Cipro!

I have to echo everything that Shells has said about this dangerous class of antibiotics. The Fluoroquinolones have probably done more grievous injury to more people than any other prescription drug. I know that is a broad statement, but the delayed time frame before damage occurs to the patient has disguised just how harmful the FQ's really are. Because of this delay, Dr's and patients are not making the connection between the damage and their use of the FQ antibiotic. The drug reps have done a great job of hiding the dangers as well to increase their sales. After all, they are just puppets for the manufacturers. Dr's seem to be completely ignorant of all the injuries these antibiotics are capable of.
Every Dr. including the one that prescribed Cipro to me has denied any connection between my injuries and the recent use of Cipro. I was very healthy and leading an active live when I was prescribed Cipro for a minor UTI. within days of finishing that scrip, my body started to fall apart. It started with severe insomnia and progressed to every Averse Drug Reaction there is listed about Cipro. It's been over 20 months now and I'm still crippled with Peripheral Neuropathy, Tendinitis, Joints that burn and ache 24/7, the list goes on and on.

There are thousands of injured people on multiple forums on the net that have finally figured out the 'cause' of all their mysterious health problems and why they suddenly developed body wide injuries to their joints, tendons, muscles and connective tissues. There are even more people that have not yet made the connection of the use of a FQ and their sudden dramatic health issues. Most patients are misdiagnosed by Dr's that don't have a clue as to the damage these drugs are capable of.

Most people have suffered major central nervous system problems also. Because of the fluoride in the FQ's, they are able to penetrate deep into the cellular structure of our DNA and affect our mitochondria. This translates to body wide damage to all of our systems.

Something has to be done to stop this madness and destruction of human life. We need help!
Gary Moller comments:
Please read the other postings about these drugs by clicking on the labels below. Please pass the articles to friends, family and work mates to ensure that they are forewarned before their next doctor's visit.

Sadly, the damage is done and much of it would appear to be permanent. However; there is still much good stuff that one can do to assist the body with coping the best it can. The first step is to complete the free Active Elements Assessment and then to use the results to develop a nutritional strategy to ensure that your body is able to repair and build strong collagen.

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