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Monday, April 28, 2008

Heart Medication Use Skyrockets in Young Adults as Disease Mongering Continues

by David Gutierrez
"The use of medications for heart disease-related conditions is growing far faster among young adults than among any other age group, according to a study by Medco Health Solutions, Inc., a for-profit company that operates a large mail order pharmacy.

The study looked at changes in medication use among various age groups between the years of 2001 and 2006. Medco's primary source of information was a sample database containing information on 2.5 million of the 60 million patients whose benefits the company manages.

Among those aged 20 to 44, use of cholesterol medications increased by 68 percent, from 2.5 million to 4.2 million. This increase was 37 percent higher than the increase in those aged 45 to 64, and 31 percent higher than the increase in those 65 and older.

Use of blood pressure medication increased by 21 percent among those aged 20 to 44, from 7 million to 8.5 million. This growth was 52 percent higher than the growth in the 45 to 64 age group, and more than 100 percent greater than the growth in those 65 and older.

"We were pretty surprised by the rapid increase in a short time frame in this age group," said Medco's chief medical officer, Robert Epstein.

Epstein attributed the growth, in part, to the "epidemic of overweight and obesity in this country," and people's increasing comfort with the concept of taking prescription medications.

"The 'good news' part of the story is that prevention is really important," Epstein said. "It's not bad that people get these problems controlled at a younger age because it will reduce the lifelong complications." But he emphasized that drugs are not enough, and that adjustments to lifestyle and diet are a critical part of improving cardiovascular health.

Medications for conditions related to heart disease are usually taken for life. This means that as people start taking the drugs sooner, the profits for pharmaceutical companies increase.

"It's another signal that we have an issue in this country that we have to get our arms around sooner rather than later, because we are destining these young people to lifelong therapy," Epstein said."
Source: NaturalNews
Gary Moller comments:
I have noticed the growing trend to medicate is steadily creeping into youth. All pharmaceutical drugs have side effects, some of which do not manifest for 10-30 years. This includes terrible diseases like dementia, liver cancer and crippling muscle damage. These medications include rampant dishing out of anti-depressants to young people. The earlier in life that one begins taking these toxic and often addictive substances, the greater the chances that terrible side-effects will afflict the poor person.

For the sake of profit and power, commercial interests are out to suck us all in and to suck us dry. Fear-mongering and brain-washing. Their hands firmly inserted into our pockets. The sad thing is we are letting it happen.

It is a natural condition of the teenage and twenty-something years that they be angst-filled as each youngster comes to terms with difficult issues such as finding a career, dealing with sexuality and partnership and letting go of Mother's apron strings. It does not help the young person get through this difficult time in life by blurring their view of the world with a toxic medicated brain fog. The best therapy for youthful angst is a clear head, coherence and the loving community support of family, elders and friends.

This is nuts when we are addressing health issues that are safely and best managed by diet and lifestyle and a few nutritional supplements.

Statins, for example, may cause impotence, proneness to infection and catastrophic muscle damage as well as a raft of other damaging side effects. These drugs should be reserved for only the worst cases of high cholesterol that do not respond to natural interventions. A few modest diet changes, kyolic garlic, omega3 oil, sunlight and exercise will usually do the trick for most cases.

All people on statins should be taking Coenzyme Q10 which helps maintain muscle health and function, including the heart.

Oh! I forgot to mention that cholesterol is actually very good for you in the right amounts. You die without it. Ask your doctor to explain why.

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