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Monday, April 28, 2008

Omega 3 fatty acids can relieve back pain

"Omega 3 fatty acids can relieve back pain according to a new study released in the journal Surgical Neurology. Omega 3 fatty acids are so beneficial; this just adds another complement to them.
In the study 250 men and women with neck and back pain were required to take omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil or placebo. The dosage was 2.4 grams per day. They also were on NSAIDs (Tylenol, Aleve, Advil), which were gradually tapered off according to pain relief with oils.
At completion more than 60% of those in the fish oil group reported decreased general pain as well as 60% said they had less joint pain. More than 80% stated full satisfaction with the fish oil treatment and 88% would continue to follow protocol results were so great.
What may be even better to hear is that 59% of the participants in the fish oil group were able to completely quit using the NSAIDs. Chronic NSAID use can help treat chronic neck and back pain, but comes at a cost. NSAIDs increase the risk for stomach ulcers and liver problems. As well recent news reports of prescription NSAIDs (Vioxx, Celbrex) point to even riskier complications."
Source: Supplement News
Gary Moller comments:
I broke my left arm in January of this year which I self-treated. Despite the damage, I was able to comfortably get through the worst week or two without even an aspirin, preferring, instead to use natural products like fish and flax oil and MSM. Healing was rapid and 100% and without any complications. I competed in an 80km mountain bike race just 8 weeks after the injury and survived.

With regards to joint and other pains, please take careful note of the amount of Omega oil consumed daily by the subjects in this trial: 2.4 grams per day. In my experience, most people who try these oils for conditions like cardiovascular disease and arthritis do not take anywhere enough omega3 oil each day, consistently enough and for long enough to have a noticeable benefit.

Such therapies often are best when combined with body tissue mineral therapy such as provided by the Active Elements service.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting Post!

Well, it seems that most chiropractic patients started wearing Sacroiliac Belt (aka SI belt) around their pelvis. By providing the correct balance of resistance and resilience, the sacroiliac belt re-establishes the joint’s normal motion, relieving stress and instability at these weight bearing structures.

There many good SI Belts out there, but as far as quality, comfort, and prices are considered - Serola Sacroiliac Belt seems to be the best in the market. I'd say it was well worth my $38 investment when I was in severe back pain, which was caused by a sports injury.

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Hope this info is helpful to others. Good Luck!

Gary Moller said...

I am not keen on SI belts. But that does not mean they do not work for some.

Wearing a constricting belt can shut off the blood and lymph circulation to the tissues about the hips back and abdomen and can cause excruciating pain that is mistaken for back pain. Removing the belt and doing things like massage to stimulate circulation can give almost immediate relief in many cases.

Please refer to my article about bra pain which outlines the mechanism of how a SI belt can hurt a person (Find it by suing the Key Words search function on this site).

Problem is the pain most often associated with SI joints is not instability; but muscular spasm which is best relieved through massage, gentle exercise and some stretching. Nutrition in the form of mineral (Active Elements) and possibly some amino acids such as beta alanine give best results.