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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why don't you stock flax oil capsules?

Hi! I received my flaxoil and am very happy thanks, I was wanting to order
two bottles of flaxseed capsules but cant seem to find them on the online
order form could you help me please
Thanks, Shelley (Australia)


I am pleased that you have received your goods without a problem.

With regards to Flax capsules, while I can stock them I have decided not to. Why not? Capsules hold very little oil, fresh flax oil is delicious and you benefit best from taking quite a lot and best with your regular meals. So, that means taking heaps of capsules daily and that is expensive as compared to taking the flax oil by the spoon. Why pay for the capsulation when the oil is so nice to the palate? Just compare the amount of flax oil you can get in capsules for the same price as half liter in a bottle - incomparable value for money! I have decided, as a general policy, not to stock capsules and pills, if I think it is unnecessary for my clients so as to save their money.

The flax oil that I stock comes from Waihi Bush in Geraldine of South Canterbury, New Zealand. It is organically grown on their farm and surrounding farmlands and the seed is processed and bottled on the premises and delivered direct to me for sale to you. It can't be mush better than that! I had a little Waihi Bush flax oil this morning: I spread it on my toast which I then topped with peanut butter. Yummy! You can drizzle it on salads, pasta, on your baked potatoe and your cabbage and brocolli. You can dip bread into a bowl of flax oil Mediterranean style. Just do not cook with it because it is a delicate oil.

As a matter of interest, I have just finished taste testing a new fish oil product and have decided to stock them as of today: Fresh Catch Ocean Nutrition Fish Oil and Fresh Catch Cod Liver Oil. These oils come in 236ml bottles and are far better value than their encapsulated equivalents. Each is flavoured by extracts like orange and rosemary to ingeniously conceal the fishy taste and smell. They are surprisingly delicious - even my eight year old son downed a teaspoon of each!

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