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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Do heart medications and cholesterol lowering medicines really improve your health?

Have been told by your doctor that you are at risk of heart disease?  Have you had a heart attack or stroke?  Have you been advised to go on cholesterol lowering statins and other heart medicines?  Before you go on these drugs, think twice.  If you are already on any of these medicines, you can still think twice.

I urge you to research your condition thoroughly.  Do not blindly assume that your doctor or cardiologist is really up with the latest in healthy heart management.  Do not assume that agencies like the Heart Foundation are looking after your best interests either.  Health is Big Business nowadays - a huge worldwide money-maker that thrives by having one hand in your pocket and the other firmly gripping your taxes.  

The reality is that there is no benefit to "Health Inc" by you, the consumer, actually being healthy.  And, if you insist on being healthy, then they will do their best to have you worry about being well!

Health Inc: Advocacy organisations, hospitals, Government Departments, private and university research institutions, PHO medical clinics and drugs companies that participate in a multi billion dollar money scramble.  All supposedly working for your benefit.  More like an exercise in smoke and mirrors to keep fooling you, the hapeless consumer, into keeping on handing over your hard earned wages and taxes to them.  The major gains in public health have come through measures such as clean water, sewage, housing and education - Not from drugs based medicine, much of which is subject to challenge.

Take control of your health: If you want to live a long and healthy life, then you need to look after yourself, if you will excuse the double meaning.

Here are two websites about heart disease and other health issues that are a wealth of information for you the consumer:
The author of this blog is a consumer who spent 20 or so years on heart medication before he realised the truth about what these drugs were doing to him.  This blog is full of medical research  information about statins and other heart medications, along with his comments.  Well worth the read.
Move over to the Dach Side with this doctor who has seen the light.  I have nothing but praise for Dr Dach who does a terrific job at explaining the real mechanisms behind illnesses such as heart disease and he offers advcie about healthy interventions.

Please note:  I am most definitely not anti medicine.  I have nothing but praise for modern emergency medicine.  If I was run over by a bus tomorrow, modern emergency medicine may be my saviour.  The same can not be said of drugs based medicine when it comes to preventing and treating diseases associated with ageing, nutrition and lifestyle. 

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