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Friday, January 23, 2009

I need more information about the Super Smoothie for hiking

In Walking NZ Issue 130/2008 your article talks about smoothies during hikes etc. I would like to know more please. My husband and a friend are about to begin the Te Araroa Trail from Cape Reinga. They are in their early 60's and have been training for about 6 months walking 2/3 hours every day in varying terrain.

Question: What are the dry ingredients mixed with and in what proportions. I presume you have a container that it's all put into, shaken and then consumed. I read that smoothies must be used within 20 minutes before they start to lose their goodness. 

Regards Jessie
Jessie This is a quick reply between clients. Here is the recipe for the Super Smoothie which happens to be the most downloaded page on my site: 

I have used it with success during hikes, keeping the dry ingredients in a sealed plastic bag and mixing it up with water in a decanter as we go. Of course there are no berries or bananas, oil etc in this one. I use infant formula (minus the melamine!) as the nutritious filler. Works well. 

As of a few months ago, we now have a new option that I am very favourable to. This is the Balance Ultimate Recovery Stack which is a bit like a fruit juice that contains all of the ingredients that I recommend as extras to the Smoothie - plus a lot more. 

Use the Balance Ultimate Recovery Stack when on the road and in the bush and use the Super Smoothie when at home base where you have refrigeration, a blender and all the healthy ingredients, like berries and home made yoghurt. Use the Balance Ultimate Recovery Stack during long hikes, bike rides and runs, either making it up as you go or pre-mixed in your water bottle. 

The Super Smoothie is best consumed right away before the ingredients oxidise.

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