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Friday, February 27, 2009

Are Epsom Salts safe to take for night cramps?

"I have researched your material on Epsom salts and can’t find anywhere any information

on taking them orally. I have for a long time suffered with chronic night cramps and recently

was advised to take half a teaspoon in fruit juice each morning. I started taking them a week ago, have worked

some long hours (mostly on my feet) and am pleased to say have not had cramp once.

Can you advise please are Epsom salts harmful in any way when taken orally or harmful with prolonged use

In this manner?

I look forward to your comments.

Regards Heather "
Gary responds:
Heather, taking account of your age (54) and the additional information about your diet and your initial response to the MgSO4 salts, I can make some assumptions:
  • There is a possibility that you are low in a number of minerals, including iron and magnesium.
  • You may be low in Co-Enzyme Q-10
About magnesium sulphate
Magnesium, as it is found in the body is in the form of Magnesium Phosphate (MgPO4), not as Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4). MgSO4 is typically used externally to provide a relaxing bath and as a poultice. It is taken orally as a laxative. As a magnesium mineral replacement, I do not recommend it. I would not take it orally for the long term. It is much better to take magnesium in the form that is found in the healthy body (MgPO4).

  • Do a course of Active Elements 4.1 and 4.2
  • Do a course of AgeWise Co-Enzyme Q10
  • Take one capsule 3 per day
  • 2nd bottle - take 2 per day
  • 3rd bottle and ongoing - take 1 per day
Active Elements
  • Take one of each 4-6 per day
  • 2nd bottle and ongoing - take 2 per day
With all of the above, spread over the day and ideally take with food.

Take careful note of frequency and severity of cramps, energy levels, skin health and health in general. Always review progress at about 6-12 weeks.

Let me know how it goes and advise of any problems.
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