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Friday, March 06, 2009

What you can do if you suspect Adrenal Fatigue

Regardless of what medical authorities may say, adrenal exhaustion does exist.  Adrenal failure (Addisons Disease) is a disastrous medical condition that does not happen overnight.  Addisons is the end of a long continuum of decline that may happen over months, years and even decades.  Medicine may give the patient that it is somehow an overnight happening.  Of course this is medical bunkum that has disastrous consequences for the patient who is left to suffer untreated till beyond the point of no return.

Is this because treatment of Addisons is simply a case of prescribing expensive synthetic prescription cortisone (usually Predinisone) for the remainder of the patient's life; whereas the treatment of the intermediate condition of adrenal fatigue is a much less profitable and much more time consuming exercise in lifestyle, diet changes and nutrtition supplementation?  I have no other explanation.  Can you offer a better one than this?

If you suspect you have any degree of adrenal fatigue, please read the book by Dr James Wilson.  If you then agree that you are affected to some degree, I can assist you, including helping work out an intervention programme and even supplying the special nutrition products that Dr Wilson has developed for adrenal fatigue (Being "Practitioner Supplements, I can not advertise these for open sale).  They work.

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