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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tips for avoiding Swine Flu

"This article was originally written on December 18, 2008. It is being re-released now to give you useful tips to naturally boost your immune system, as the Swine Flu may make its rounds in the U.S. You have many natural strategies that can really help. I always keep several of these on hand – just in case. Fast action can help your immune system do its job! Stay well."
Please go here to read the article
Gary comments:
This article by Byron Richards confirms that my earlier advice about how to bolster your family's immune system is on the right track. Please read Byron's article and then my earlier one which you can find here and then follow the advice as best you can. If you have trouble locating any of the products referred to on my website store, please drop me an email and I will help you out.
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Gary Moller said...

The Tamiflu Myth

Anonymous said...

A recent comprehensive epidemiological study of some 61,000 confirmed cases of Spanish Flu from 1918-19 by Canadian physician, Dr. Andre Saine, shows that patients treated with a form of medicine called homeopathy had death rates of 0.7 percent compared to death rates in the untreated and from conventional care of 30 percent or more. Is homeopathy something that we should be looking into and investigating as a possible source of prevention and cure for this H1N1 virus? If history is said to repeat itself, then the answer must be, yes. We owe it to the people we serve to investigate all possible treatments and cures, regardless of how popular they may or may not be to drug companies or within mainstream medicine. That is the way of science: to investigate without bias or prejudice and make objective decisions based on facts.

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