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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Malnutrition is increasingly common among young women

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The charts that accompany this articles are of a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis which can be ordered from me.

Malnutrition caused by disordered eating is increasingly common in young New Zealand women. It is one of the most common, if not the most common underlying cause of many of the ailments that people seek my advice about. Within that population, young women stand out.

What I am talking about here is not overeating; but simply not eating enough of anything, or far too much of just one thing at the expense of all else.

Are children's media programmes committing crimes against humanity?

Whether it is a movie about the cute talking fish, smiling lambs, flying ponies or chicken eggs that are alive in the absence of the rooster, children are brain washed by media into vegetarianism. Especially the girls. What child would ever eat a fish after watching "Finding Nemo"?

I sure am not against vegetarianism; in fact I am all for it - So long as it is done well. It is not easy to be a good vegetarian. Vegetarianism is not a cheap option in a place like New Zealand and a vegetarian needs to be a damned good cook who is prepared to put a lot of tims and effort into finding and preparing the right foods. It is just too easy for a young woman to become vegetarian by exclusion, ending up with just a plate of cabbage for the evening meal.

As malnutrition gradually sets in the body and mind go into progressive shutdown and with that all kinds of health problems begin to express themselves which have the effect of accelerating the malnutrition as well as reinforcing the poor dietary practices. For example; the weakened gut and immune systems open the malnourished person to all kinds of allergies and food intolerances. Incidentally, this is exacerbated by vitamin D deficiency due to sun avoidance and a fat-less diet.

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1 comment:

Wayne said...

never have so many had so much food ,but still eaten so badly.
dont be conned by marketing, educate yourself, read the labels of all the food you buy to make sure you really are getting healthy food, do some research to find out the most nutritious foods, dont be conned, a great deal of "health food" is anything but healthy. Its well worth the effort in the long run.
You'll be alarmed on just how unhealthy a lot of foods are when you do a bit of analysis.
example, brown bread, I found out when i worked in a bakery has as much if not more white flour in it than bran, or wholemeal flour.
remember the food companies just want to make money any way they can from you.