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Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Feedback about the Service from Happy Campers!

Hi Alofa

Yes, the rebounder arrived and is all but worn out already! Only joking, but would like you to know I thought the whole purchase process, from browsing the website through to the goods' prompt arrival was top-notch, thank you. I'm thrilled with the rebounder, it's exactly as portrayed on the website.

Thank you again for such prompt, efficient and genuine service.

Kind regards
Gary comments:
Our business is run with the intention of providing the best prices for quality goods that we can get away with and to back this up with service that exceeds expectations and is beyond the call of duty. This includes freely giving advice and guidance about personal health and fitness issues that one would normally have to pay for. Our business is driven, word of mouth, by satisfied clients.

This approach seems to be working: Despite the worldwide economic gloom and doom, our wee business continues to set monthly sales records. We are flat out to say the least.

While we will never get wealthy doing what we do - we love it!

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