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Friday, May 21, 2010

Lance Armstrong Denies Charge by Floyd Landis of Doping; Landis Admits Use -

Lance Armstrong Denies Charge by Floyd Landis of Doping; Landis Admits Use -

For more about Landis's confession, please read this:
Lance Armstrong Denies Charge by Floyd Landis of Doping; Landis Admits Use -

Until Landis's confession, I am not aware of a single athlete caught drugs cheating, be they Marion Jones, Ben Johnson, Hunter or Montgomery ever admit up front that they were using performance enhancing drugs.  All
vehemently denied use, accusing officials, media and anybody else of lying, colluding, vendettas etc  and continuing to do so even in the face of indisputable evidence of the fact.  Marion Jones, for example held out for several years, only confessing her crimes when faced with jail time.

"Johnson's coach, Charlie Francis, a vocal critic of the IOC testing procedures, is the author of Speed Trap, which features Johnson heavily. In the book, he freely admits that his athletes were taking anabolic steroids, as he claims all top athletes at the time were, and also claims that Johnson could not possibly have tested positive for that particular steroid since Johnson actually preferred furazabol. He thought stanozolol made his body "feel tight"

I am not all that interested about watching elite professional sport nowadays, including the Tour de Fance, IAAF Athlteics, or the Olympics because cheating is rife. Gone are the late nights watching the Tour de France.  Sadly, all performers at the top are tarnished by the same brush.  It is a huge sporting tragedy.

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Wayne said...

lance has a history of aggressive behaviour to other athletes, that alone is enough to put you off even without considering any cheating.
big sports, big money big ego's taking over and runnning riot, no individual ids bigger than the sport but people get obsessed with winners, further feeding the psychophancy.

Anonymous said...

while i seriously don't think anyone has won the tour de france clean in at least 40 years, it's still an awesome race! - it's pretty fair too because they are all loaded, it's not like anyione is disadvantaged :)

Wayne said...

ther is the odd excepton of confessors in a litany of cheats in cycling

tyler hamilton was caught with someone elses blodd in his body, he came out with an excuse it was from a twin that died in the womb, later he was caught again for drugs after coming back from suspension, this time he didnt deny it.

1989 – Laurent Fignon tested positive for amphetamines at the Grand Prix de la Liberation in Eindhoven. Later admitted ‘”In those days everyone was doing it,” Has suggested his cancer may have been related to the doping products he took.

2003 Phillip Gaumont admitted EPO use during 2003 tour. In 2005 he wrote a book, Prisonnier du dopage (“Prisoner of doping”) describing doping methods, masking methods and financial pressures. He implicated David Millar who later confessed to EPO use after police found traces in his hotel room.

2004 David Miller Confesses to EPO use after traces found in flat. Banned for two years

2006 Operation Puerto – Ivan Basso and Jan Ulrich barred from entering Tour de France due to suspicions they were under. Basso later admitted to contacting Dr Fuentas with the intention to engage in blood doping, although he said he never actually did dope.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Landis is desperate for money and Tiger Woods had another shameful event to hide just days before..... I wouldn't put it past Nike to offer money for a scandal that pushes Tiger to the back pages for a bit

Anonymous said...

Claiming that ALL riders are "loaded" is a pretty big call, as is implying that Lemond doped. Or have I misunderstood the last post?