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Friday, September 03, 2010

A message to all of our clients and customers

Cycling Vanuatu: The best way to meet, mix and
mingle with the locals.
We are off on a tropical cycling holiday!
No tarted up resorts here: Just real hospitality by the
First People of Vanuatu
Alofa and I will be out of New Zealand from 17th September to 4th October for a much needed holiday in the sun.  This time, it is Fiji.

Our office and clinic will not be attended during this period.  It will be business as usual from 5th October.

If you are running low in anything that you get from us, please tell us within the next few days what you need to keep you going while we are away.  Please tell us by return email, or purchase off our website what you need and we will get onto is right away.  Here is my email:

Whey Protein
One of the most effective nutritional measures an active person can do to improve health and performance is to have a small intake of protein about three waking hours for about three months.  
At 57 years I hover at about 10% body fat while having more muscle than I did in my 20's.  I don't lift weights.  And I am cycling 20 minutes faster over a two hour course than I did three years ago.  While there is more to it, not constantly going into protein deficit during the day has played a big part in my spectacular improvement in health.  You can do the same by following this simple piece of advice.  This is where the convenience of a whey protein shake comes in.....

We now have our own whey protein in store.  This is perfect for protein shakes when in a hurry.  Our shake mixes are fresh, quality New Zealand whey, in plain, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours.  Priced at only $45 per kilogram bag (free delivery within New Zealand), this is very good value for money.  We have yet to publish fancy photos of the bags; but here is the link to the product page to learn more.

Website Upgrades
We are investing in long overdue site upgrades as I type.  Before year's end, we shall launch a brand new website complete with a much improved shopping cart.  There will be several new features, including a "Member's Only" section where we can offer you special prices and practitioner products that are not presently available to the public.

Wishing you good health.

Gary Moller and Alofa Kosena
About this website
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Matt the Whey Protein Guy said...

That's great. Being an athlete myself it's important to get enough vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which whey protein contains Glutathione - the number one antioxidant in the world. All of this helps aid in building muscle, reducing body fat and muscle recovery hence your 20 minute faster time.

What's great about whey is that it tastes great too. I recently wrote an article on whey protein shakes you should check out for some delicious recipes. Let me know what you think.