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Thursday, September 02, 2010

My husband has been on cholesterol statin tablets for at least 8 years

Will an overpriced drug really
fix your leaky plumbing?
"My husband has been on cholesterol statin tablets for at least 8 years (at the moment simvastatin 20 mg) and we would like to know what you can offer as an alternative to statins. He is 67 yrs weighs 80 kgs, non smoker, very healthy and physically fit for his age and the only other medication he is on is Doxazosin MES 2 mg for bladder. We are healthy eaters.

I have researched alternatives to statins but really need qualified guidance and whether you can supply anything."
I am afraid I do not have anything positive to say about statins which I think are horrible drugs.  Statins do untold damage to the body that is often first felt as joint and muscle pain and fatigue.  The pain may get to the point of being unbearable.  These symptoms can creep up on a person over several years and usually discounted as being due to arthritis or fibromyalgia/polymyalgia and getting old.

The usual action is to not to withdraw the offending drug; but to prescribe another drug like Prednisone which only buys a few months of relief before making matters much, much worse.

Doxazosin is another nasty drug that is best never taken.  Many doctors are having a love affair with this blood pressure pill due to its double whammy effect.

Beware of double whammy drugs!

Doxazosin is prescribed to men with elevated blood pressure because it has been found to shrink the prostate gland with the mistaken belief that this will prevent prostate cancer while managing blood pressure. In reality, this drug does neither.

While it may shrink the prostate this is a naive and simplistic approach to preventing prostate cancer.  The main drivers behind prostate cancer are disturbances in zinc and selenium metabolism, including deficiency.  The prostate becomes swollen and inflamed in the absence of adequate zinc and selenium.

Most New Zealand men have been exposed to arsenic mostly from agricultural products and working with treated timber.  Arsenic, lead and mercury are highly inflammatory and also interfere seriously with zinc and selenium metabolism.  Low vitamin D does not help either.

What blows me away is the total lack of information about this by fund raising agencies such as the Prostate Foundation's Blue September campaign.  It appears their only interest is in terrorising men and their families  into donating money  for research and giving into having their private parts brutally chopped and fried.  Why gather millions of dollars for more research without giving men the real information they need right now to do all they can protect themselves from this disease by preventing its development in the first place?

Let's get some real prostate cancer prevention information out there

Doxazosin may actually increase heart attack risk.  This is because it is a poison that shrinks just about everything, including shutting down the metabolism.  One the best predictors of heart attack risk is stomach girth.  One of the documented side effects of Doxazosin is the gradual development of a pot belly!  What we typically see is a man with skinny arms and legs and a pot belly.

Ask your doctor to explain how a drug that gives you a pot gut 
is healthy for you!

So, what do you do?  Please read this article and use the "Search Posts by Key Words" tab to the right of this article to read what I have written about statins.

Please consult your doctor before stopping any medication, thanks.

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