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Thursday, February 17, 2011

14 Proven Side Effects of Sitting All Day

It should come as no surprise that sitting around and not moving all day isn't really good for your body, but many may not be aware of just how many problems can be caused by such a sedentary lifestyle. Whether you choose to sit all day or are required to by the logistics of your job, you may want to take a new approach to your workday after learning just what health effects sitting can have on the body. It could impact not only your health, but the lives of your loved ones and expenditures towardshealthcare.
  1. Deep Vein ThrombosisMost are familiar with this condition through warnings urging people not to sit without getting up on long flights. The same goes for sitting for hours on end anywhere– at work or at home– without moving. If you don't get up and walk around occasionally, you could be putting yourself at risk of potentially deadly blood clots in your legs.
  2. ObesitySurprise, surprise, sitting all day rather than standing or moving around can play a contributing role in obesity. 
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hair loss men said...

this scared me a bit since my new job keeps me sitting the whole day... so what my co worker and i do is take a walk for at least 15 minutes going to where we ride then near home i'll go take another 20 minute walk... its the only exercise i get... in my old job i use to take the stairs but since i'm now working at the 19th floor, well, just imagine what i'd look like when i reached our office afterward...