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Monday, February 21, 2011

Heart Disease CAN be Prevented!

An elderly relative who had coronary bypass surgery last year which left her worse off with an untreated collapsed lung, plus cognitive decline - and on more medication than ever.  Pointless surgery, if you ask me!  During a  follow up consultation with her cardiologist, the question of alternatives to drugs like statins, such as co-enzyme Q10 and omega 3 oils was raised.  The specialist rubbished the suggestion, saying there was no credible evidence that these had any more benefit than taking a sugar pill.  He also added that statins are highly effective and very safe. Of course, what he was saying was blatantly wrong to the point of being misleading:  Statins cause harm in the majority of users for little or no benefit; while nutrients such as Q10 are highly beneficial for heart health.

The following videos and the article linked below can save your life.  The first is a bit dry but informative and please bear in mind that the second video (inc Pt 2).  These videos outline what REALLY causes heart disease and the nutritional supplements that may work to reduce and even reverse heart disease.

One of my people, Lyse Beck, has exhaustively investigated the cholesterol and heart disease issue from a layperson's perspective to try to make some sense out of all the confusing information floating about.   Here is her article:

What does cholesterol, sunshine and fat have in common?

Big Business has gotten in the way of health.  Statins make billions but have done nothing to reduce heart attack.

Inflammation is the BIG driver behind heart disease - NOT cholesterol.

If you are looking for quality and affordable supplements to reduce inflammation and to nourish your heart, there are just two supplements to take daily:  Co-enzyme Q-10 with Omega 3 oil, plus Practitioner strength Enzogenol (Enzogenol is a powerful anti-inflammation anti-oxidant which you can get from me).  Of course, there may be other dietary supplements, depending on individual need; but these are a very good start.

I finish with a quotation from Lyse's article:

"The bottom line is there are many natural avenues that can be danced down to help reduce the risk of heart disease. Knowing what they are, and making choices for your self is, I think, the key thing. If you decide that statin drugs are for you, then cool. But know what you’re getting into, and know that there are alternatives. Do not let decisions regarding your health be in anyone’s hands other than your own. No one will care about your health as much as you will."

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