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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Does Protein Restriction really improve Health and Longevity?

" Recent research show that protein restriction may be far more effective  than calorie restriction in prolonging the lives of humans.  Many studies show that restricting calories prolongs the lives of yeast, worms, spiders, flies, insects, rats and probably monkeys.  Humans who severely restrict calories have long-life characteristics, such as low cholesterol and blood pressure and hearts that are more than 15 years younger than those of other North Americans their age (Experimental Gerontology, August 2007)."
Research reports like these are misleading, taking well-intentioned people unwittingly down the path to ill health.

Low cholesterol and low blood pressure are what you see in 80% of people who complain of feeling really, really tired.  Also associated with these is under-active thyroid with associated parathyroid dominance which leads to calcium loss from the bones and deposition into the soft tissues.  This drives further fatigue, osteoporosis, calculus, arteriosclerosis, dementia and high blood pressure.

There is no doubt that protein restriction, like calorie restriction, appears to prolong life.  If there is a shortage of energy, the body shifts to hibernation and does so by shutting down the thyroid gland.  If there is a shortage of protein, the thousands of biochemical processes of life are compromised, including cell mitosis and DNA replication.  Life processes slow.

Sure: Restriction of protein may lengthen life (A very, very qualified "maybe"); but this is at the cost of quality of life.  Who on Earth wants to go through life feeling dead tired?

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