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Monday, August 15, 2011

More about reversing arteriosclerosis

Dear Gary,

Read your last mail subject ... with great excitement how did you do this as we are all told it is irreversible?
I have suffered with this condition since my mid 40s. I am now 67 still moving about but with restrictions.
Are you willing to share the knowledge because I would like to live something like a normal life as would many others with this condition?

"I" is referring to this article about reversing arteriosclerosis.  Arteriosclerosis is the process of increasing stiffness of the arterial walls, principally through calcifying.  This is a dynamic process that can go either way.  If there is an excess of calcium in circulation in the presence of inflammation, this may drive the process of laying down of calcium deposits in the arterial walls and elsewhere - but not the bones.  This process can be reversed if inflammation is eliminated and the concentration of free calcium relative to other minerals is reduced.

Arteriosclerosis is a process that builds over decades, perhaps beginning within your first ten years of life, eventually presenting as an intractable disease (Poor circulation, high blood pressure, heart problems, stroke, dementia, arthritis).  These conditions are not really the cause - they are the result - the cause is inflammation and calcification.  Drugs that reduce blood pressure and calm the heart may be necessary to rescue a precarious situation; but they do not address the underlying causes - they merely rescue and quell the symptoms.  The underlying causes continue to wreak their damage with the inevitability that the drugs will no longer be able to keep the lid screwed tight - something, somewhere in the body will blow with catastrophic consequences.

The key to health success is to identify the underlying drivers of disease and then to reduce and, hopefully, eliminate them altogether.

Treat the causes of disease - not the symptoms

The first step to take is to get a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis completed and to go through the report with me.  This test helps us see what is going on inside your cells and to compare your profile with that of healthy populations and people with similar health conditions.  Armed with this information, we then commence a programme of diet, supplements and lifestyle changes with the purpose of gradually nudging you towards the profiles of healthy populations.  The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis will need to be repeated every 6-12 months to guide the programme.  Its actually quite a simple process but it does takes a huge amount of patience and persistence.

Reversing a process that may have been percolating away for decades can not be reversed overnight.

Yes! Success requires persistence and time - as well as being prepared to spend some money.  In addition to dietary changes each hair analysis costs about $220-$240 and there will be some supplements to take and these will amount to about $4-6 per day for as long as you can see and feel you are heading in the right direction.

A final point to make: Getting from poor health to good health is not a steady upwards climb; but more a series of lifts, dips and plateaus.  There may be times that you go backwards.  We all go through highs and lows of energy.  Right now, during the depths of winter, most of us tend to be less well than at other times of the year.  Some people describe it as being like walking up a very steep sand dune: Five steps up, four down, three up, five down, five up, two down and on and on and on it goes.  Hard work but well worth the effort over the long run.  No matter how long it takes, you will eventually make it to the top.

But what happens when you make it to the top?  Well, the cynic says there is only one way from there and that's down!  I like to be more positive: The challenge is to stay on top, if there ever is an actual "top".  The idea is to die healthy - a long time from now!

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