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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Introducing "Gary Moller's own Super Smoothie formula"

Here are my Babies!  Over the last year I have been developing our very own Super Smoothie and now we have it.

This is in response to the huge number of ongoing inquiries I receive about how to make Super Smoothies and the need for a daily protein, vitamin and mineral supplement in support of my hugely successful Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis service which now exceeds more than 1,000 clients and growing by the day.

My Super Smoothie is 100% vegetarian and suitable on its own, or with additional ingredients, for athletes, vegetarians, children, nursing mothers, the elderly and people dealing with injury and illness.

Start your day strong with the complete daily essentials you need to thrive: 
  • Cover your key nutrient needs for optimal health 
  • Provide the nutrients for the energy systems that sustain an active life 
  • Help efficiently metabolize fats, proteins and carbohydrates 
  • Support normal glucose metabolism
  • Develop strong bones and teeth
  • Maintain healthy tendons, ligaments, cartilage
  • Facilitate proper muscle function and repair of connective tissue
  • Maintain  healthy skin and eyes
  • Promote natural, healthy intestinal flora 
  • Help support a healthy immune system

Please click on the image above to
go to the Vanilla flavoured Super
Smoothie product page.
The Super Smoothie is produced for me, to order, by Douglas Laboratories of the United States which is arguably the "Gold Standard" facility for developing manufacturing nutritional products.  All of the ingredients are certified as being of the highest quality and non-GMO.  My Super Smoothie is a NZ registered nutrition product.

The flavourings are the best Belgian Cocoa and real natural vanilla bean.

Just 1-2 scoops of my Super Smoothie supplies more than the minimum daily dietary allowance for protein, vitamins and minerals - everything from magnesium to folate! (Shouldn't that be "A-Z" Gary?).

The Super Smoothie allows me to reduce the number of different pills that I need to prescribe a person because it provides a comprehensive baseline of all the nutrients a person needs for optimum nutrition.

Please click on the image above to
go to the chocolate almond flavoured
Super Smoothie product page. 
In fact, I am going one step further by building up an inventory of specialist powders that can be added to the Super Smoothie (No more pills - Yeeha!), such as creatine, magnesium and adrenal powder (Some of these are prescription only, so you will need to consult me first).

At only NZ$80 the Super Smoothie works out to be great value when you consider what it costs for the protein on its own and then the cost of all the individual vitamins, minerals and the rest.

I am running a promotional special to kick off sales by giving away the best Smoothie Mixer I have been able to find with your first purchase (one only per person).  This is for New Zealand customers only and only for as long as I have shakers to give away - Sorry the rest of the World - you miss out; but rest assured the Super Smoothie is still a great product that stands on its own merits!

Get your free protein shaker with your
first purchase (NZ deliveries only and
only while stock last).

Go on - give it a go!  
And here's my guarantee - If you are not 100% satisfied, send it back, even if its half used, and I'll refund you the purchase price 100%. (This applies to all my products, by the way).

Here is the search link that takes you to the product pages for my chocolate and vanilla Super Smoothie.

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ooze said...

I am interested this kind of supplement for my mom. Where I can buy it online?

Gary Moller said...

Here is the link to the product: