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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Running toward a better you

Running Toward a Better You

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gary I am surprised to see you have posted this without commentary!

Are you saying that anyone can take up running regardless of lack of natural form and/or weight?

I'd be more inclined to post something that says running: proceed with caution then link to your running drills, emphasis on not running when more than 80kg and talk about how the massive uptake in recreational running (well I should say jogging since most run 6 minutes per km at best!) is going to cost this country more than the smokers!!! And dont get me started on the reasons why Lorraine was the last NZer to get an Olympic medal in the marathon!!!

Gary Moller said...

Hey, thanks for the comments - you have said it all for me and I couldn't agree more about the cautions about weight and form. Riding a bike is best (so long as you stay upright all the time!).

Now, you have got me going - Why, oh why is Lorraine the last to get an Olympic medal?

Anonymous said...

I suspect you know the answer to that one....the move away the Lydiard system?! And then there is the lack of form...knee knockers, pronators, bent over, collapsed core, weird arms....seems anyone is now a 'runner'. I always thought Liza Hunter-Galvan ran a little differently to the likes of Lorraine & Alison Roe. It's a shame as it is a magnificent sport & we have great terrain to train on & it is not like we lack the information! Thanks for trying to keep us on the right track :-)