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Sunday, August 05, 2012

I have a marked improvement and have a better quality of life

That "wet" feeling
"I have been on prostaguard approx 2 yrs along with other vitamins. Originally I did not have a lot of control with urinating and dribbling urine while asleep. Since taking prostaguard  for that amount of time I have a marked improvement and have a better quality of life in regards to travel sleeping, day to day  etc."

This encouraging report highlights a number of key points to keep in mind when using so-called "natural therapies" to improve health:

Use good science 

Such as the hair tissue mineral analysis and blood tests to eliminate as much of the guessing as possible as to what to do.

There are seldom single solutions to health issues

As in this case, multiple lifestyle and dietary measures where used and these were regularly adjusted.

Do not panic

These interventions can take a long, long time to kick in. In this drugs dominated world, we have been brain-washed into the expectation of overnight success. This just does not happen. Most diseases of modern living and ageing develop over decades and reversing these processes of decline are seldom overnight.  Think in terms of months, if not years.

Remain forever vigilant

The natural progression of your health is towards decline, leading to eventual death.  So, for example; prostate dysfunction such as described by "C", will tend to get worse.  "C" has had a remarkable reversal of this trend.  While he now be feeling comfortable and satisfied with where he is at, he must keep his foot on the throat and never let it off.  It will surely come back with a vengeance.  This vigilance may consist of some simple dietary measures, a few dietary supplements and annual monitoring by blood and hair tissue mineral analysis tests.

Getting up just once a night is a way lot better than four times a night and not having the embarrassment of a smelly wet patch is priceless!
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