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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why is Lance Armstrong going to "Tell All" on the Oprah Show?

"So lance is going to be on Oprah.
Not surprising - she's hardly likely to ask the hard questions a decent investigative journalist would, it will be his soft-soap version of events. Unless he goes for the sympathy vote and breaks down.
He's so calculating you cant trust his motives...."
I have my own take on why Lance Armstrong is finally doing an interview, presumably to come "clean" about his use of performance enhancing drugs.

I think this may be a cynical attempt to preserve his million dollar empire and to avoid jail time.

Right now, past sponsors and those who awarded prize money, are lining up to sue him for fraud.  He must know that the evidence is overwhelming.

One tactic is to argue that he was merely a bit player in the larger game of lying and cheating in sport of which cycling is one of the most sophisticated players.  Entire teams other than Armstrong's, cycling officials, sponsors, race promoters, media, coaches, sports scientists and doctors  from the highest levels and down were all part of the Great Collusion and the Great Deception.  It is possible that officials within the agencies responsible for drugs testing were also parties to this.

By being a bit player in this larger than life game, he may argue that there are many others who are equally, if not more guilty, if not legally, then morally guilty.  He may argue that the very people who are lining up to sue him are, in fact, as guilty as he.  He was merely going along with what everybody else about him was doing, condoning and financing.  He will argue that they knew what was going on.  All he is guilty of is being the better athlete and doing a better job than the other cyclists.

Sponsors, race promoters, coaches, media, sports bodies and the sporting public all want winners and they all want world records and they will either condone or turn a blind eye to whatever is done to achieve these, including outright cheating.  Besides: Is it really cheating if everybody about you is doing the same?  This is institutionalised cheating at the highest levels of sport.

I think this is a reasonable defence for Lance Armstrong and I hope he exercises it.  I do not want him to be hung out as a lone scapegoat.  I want to see him blow the whole stinking can of worms wide open so that we see real change for the better.

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