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Friday, February 08, 2013

Feedback from a person who has been struggling with fibromyalgia/polymyalgia and habituation to Prednisone

Fibromylagia and polymyalgia, once rarely heard of conditions, are now commonplace ailments that severely hinder health.  The treatment of these conditions is extremely poorly thought through, consisting of administering increasingly massive doses of Prednisone, or similar cortisone drugs that blow the adrenal glands to Kingdom-come.  If Prednisone fails to keep the pain down, further powerful and habituating medications may be added, including muscle relaxants and anti depressants.  Its a slippery slope downhill for many patients into chronic ill health and multiple drug dependency.

Prednisone is a far from safe drug.  Just four milligrams per day is enough to create ongoing addiction because to reduce to less than four milligrams relies on healthy adrenal glands kicking in with its own cortisone and this seldom happens (Prednisone shuts down the adrenals).  So, as Prednisone is lowered to less than 4 milligrams per day, the patient may suffer the return of their pain and fatigue with a vengeance.  In severe cases (Addisons Disease) the cardiovascular system may collapse resulting in death.

Prednisone can not be taken for long without the risk of catastrophic consequences such as progressive osteoporosis and the rapid erosion of the joints leading to severe arthritis and fractures, including collapse of the spine.

One of the most distressing things I encounter is people who are stuck on Prednisone.

However; enough of the depressing talk!

Here is some really good news.  

Here is part of a letter (published with his permission) from one of my clients who entered hospital for a minor shoulder operation and came out with a severe case of fibromyalgia which was treated with Prednisone.  It took us over a year, focussing on restoring healthy adrenal function; but he is now free of medication and again having a ball with life.

Read on folks and be inspired!

"All pretty good at this end, or at least not seeming to be going backwards! 

Finished your course of supplements beginning of December and haven't experienced any side effects to date which has to be great. Managed three pretty strenuous days climbing/ tramping, firstly Ruapehu, then the Tama lakes and finally Mt  Ngaruahoe. Thought my father was pretty amazing to have done that one when he did it with me the last time, and then to discover I am a year and a half older than what he was! Not bragging of course! Did get left behind by family who thought I wasn't following anyway, so great and we all had a good hour or more taking it all in. Lucky the mountain opened that day after the eruption closure. 

Still have some stiffness in my left hand and fingers which fades away with use and legs a little stiff but I feel getting better with time. Diet quite good with my daughter keeping me in line in that department. Just need to get a good strengthening program happening as I have felt the dangers of overdoing it in the upper body. Home improvements well under way. Hand mixing concrete the norm! 

Feeling happy about where I'm at and grateful for your expertise. Cheers Gary." 
(Name withheld)

Gary: People like you make my day - Thanks

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