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Friday, February 08, 2013

Book review: On the Wings of Mercury – by Lorraine Moller

On the Wings of Mercury – by Lorraine Moller

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original title: On the Wings of Mercury
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On the Wings of Mercury – a self–penned autobiography by Lorraine Moller, a world-class middle and long distance runner – is one of the most riveting and highly emotional tell-all memoirs – a must read.
Moller begins her witty stream of consciousness in self-deprecating style, where she describes her birth and how even then she forced people to run beyond their scope, in this case the family physician, who had to run just to make the delivery in time. Moller captures the reader’s attention immediately and never lets go.
The prologue starts with:
‘Legend tells of fire-breathing dragons that lurk in the bowels of the earth beneath Catalonia. What I sense this summer afternoon of 1992 in Barcelona as I survey the race course is that the road stretching between me and my dream is a steamy tar-pit of reptilian breath, threatening to suck the water out of my skin and desiccate my precious hope for gold’.
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This is the best review I have read so far.  I still have a few copies left of Lorraine's book if you want a copy to read.... 

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