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Friday, May 17, 2013

Feedback from the mother of a tired swimmer

Matthew Glassford looking and
feeling much better nowadays

"Hi Gary

As you could see from your last Skype session with Matthew the change has been amazing. Before
my son was a young man who despite all his best efforts was becoming sicker, tireder, despondent,
and depressed. Matthew felt very unwell and new he was underperforming no matter how hard
he trained which robbed him of his confidence and impacted on his mental strength needed to
compete at a top level.

Because of the depressed thyroid function he was fearful and anxious, with low self-esteem. Now
I have my son back, things can be funny again; Matthew is making real steady progress which is
reflected in his P.Bs and is starting to regain some confidence and belief.

Thanks again"

Strong indicators of adrenal and thyroid issues and
possible infection (in this case, sinusitis)
(Published with permission)
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Thank you for writing and for permission to publish your letter.  It will be a an inspiration for others who are struggling with fatigue and ill health.  (Refer images for Matthew's Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to right).
Matthew was extremely tired and withdrawn when I first met him.  He was facing a second round of sinus surgery. Nowadays, he comes across as much more energetic, chatty and out-going and the need for surgery has come and gone - for now anyway.  A delightful result!  But the job is far from finished.
Ratios out of kilter showing
strong tendencies for fatigue
As an interesting aside: Matthew's story has reignited public debate in Dunedin about the safety, or otherwise of fluoridating municipal water supplies.
Some key points to be taken:
  • Test and test again to identify nutritional and hormonal imbalances in the body which may be contributing to, or be the underlying causes of ill health.
  • Treat what you find, rather than overly focus on the illness.  "Body: Heal thy self" is the motto.
  • Take your time.  Recovery of health is usually a very gradual, almost imperceptible process that may take years in many cases.  It is like watching grass grow in Winter.  Good health takes time to restore.
  • Do not be attempted to go for the "Big Hit".  Just like rapid weight loss programmes, gains are usually temporary and very disappointing over the long term.  "Small amounts often" is the moto.
  • Do not stop until whatever it was that ailed is 100% conquered - and demonstrated to be the case by testing.

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