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Friday, May 24, 2013

Questions from a client about her nutritional programme

The following article is based on some excellent questions from a client.  So good that I want to share her questions and my answers with my readers:
Just a few questions...


Adrenal C, Adrenal Stress + Smoothie just seems like a BIG dose of vitamins and minerals. Why do I need all of this? I am already showing high levels of Vit B12 in my blood, so I'm struggling to see I need more of the same?


The high levels are probably due to having taken supplementary B12.  The good news about producing such high levels in the blood test is this is evidence that the vitamins are being absorbed from the gut into the blood stream.  It may take several days for the levels to return to "normal" as the body either sucks the vitamins into cells and storage, or excretes any excess.  If you are having a blood test that includes vitamin and mineral levels, it would be prudent to avoid any dietary supplements for the best part of a week so that baseline levels in the blood can be determined.

Having said this, it is important to note that the blood is merely the body's delivery system to the cells and what appears in the blood may have no direct bearing on what is found in the cells themselves and it is what is going on the cells which is most important from the viewpoint of health and well-being.  The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is arguably the best and most practical tool for assessing what is going on at the cellular level in the body.

The actual doses being taken with the Super Smoothie and Dr Wilson's products is not high at all; but they do exceed official recommendations for daily intake.  This is intentional.  You are not taking mega doses of anything.

WHO and other agency guidelines for daily allowances are very misleading: Levels of recommended intake are based on what is necessary to avoid overt starvation-related disease such as rickets and pellagra.  What is needed for "optimum nutrition" may be completely different.  This may be especially the case if a person is under any kind of stress; be that from injury, illness, exercise or toxic exposures.  With ageing, needs increase - they sure don't decrease!  Also, there are individual differences: Some people naturally need a lot more than others.  Again the Hair Tissue test is one of the best tools for determining individual needs.

Below is an article by Dr James Wilson, which explains the use of vitamins and minerals for adrenal and thyroid support.  Dr Wilson is arguably the World's leading authority on adrenal, thyroid and other glandular disorders:


I have also read that if you take for too long that the result can be permanent depression of adrenal function. How do we know when the “job is done” and the supplements are no longer needed?


Taking vitamins and minerals, including glandular extracts (must be in a form that has ALL hormone residues removed) will not suppress adrenal function.  At least 80% of the people I test require MORE adrenal and thyroid support, not LESS.

Hormone-based drugs like Cortisone and Prednisone and thyroxine will definitely suppress adrenal and thyroid function and will risk long term dependency.  In fact, the last course by Dr James Wilson that I attended was on the subject of how to safely wean a patient off dependency on Prednisone and cortisone hormones.  Its a huge problem and few medical practitioners know how to do it safely and effectively.  Its a huge problem.

Here is feedback from one of my clients about his struggles with fibromyalgia and dependency on Prednisone:


How is it that glandular extracts taken by mouth don't just get broken down and absorbed as protein etc, as if I was consuming food?


Glandular extracts are a fascinating and exciting form of therapy and it works.  I'll use myself as an example:
Around about 1990, I was not well and underwent a 24 hour collection of urinary cortisol.  The result was dangerously low cortisol levels, bordering on Addisons.  My Dr wanted me to commence a course of Prednisone immediately.  I said, "leave it with me a few weeks, please".  I located some adrenal glandular extracts and began taking them.  The improvement in symptoms were noticed within a few days.  A followup unrinary cortisol test revealed cortisol levels close to "normal".  My Dr was astonished with the turnaround.  I did not tell him what I had done (should have; but I was part of the "medical system" at the time and taking of natural products was actively discouraged and I could not be seen to be a traitor within!).

Glandular extracts were struggling way back then due to hostility from mainstream medicine, sadly.  With the outbreak of Mad Cow disease in the UK and elsewhere, glandular extracts disappeared entirely off the market.  I understand that Dr Wilson is one of the only sources of glandular extracts nowadays and his are sourced from porcine sources - not bovine.  One very important point about glandular extracts is they must have all hormones removed.

Yes, digestion will break the glandular extracts down to their base nutrients for absorption across the intestinal wall.  The glands will then uptake what is needed from the circulating nutrients to repair and nourish as required.

The following PDF is from Dr Wilson and explains in more detail questions about the use of glandular extrtacts.

Adrenal Rebuilder - Frequently Asked Questions - Doctor Wilson's Original Formulations


The quantities Dr Wilson recommends for these products seems to be 4 or more tablets a day. If I only take 1-2/day will results just be slower?


This is always a difficult one:  The cost of taking lots and lots of pills can be off-putting and some people are simply freaked out by the prospect of taking all hose pills!  I always work on the motto: "Start Low - Go Slow" rather than going for the Big Hit.

In your case, you have what appears to be a good diet and you have been taking additional vitamins and minerals for several months, so we are not starting from scratch.  What your Hair Tissue tests indicate is a consistent pattern of adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues.  So it is time for a switch in emphaisis, zeroing in on adrenal and thyroid support.

It may be slower but I think it is best to take one's time, gently nudging the body in the right direction.  Bear in mind, as well, that the Super Smoothie has many of the ingredients in Dr Wilson's products, so I think we are fine.  Also, you are not a large person, although very active (active people generally have higher nutrient needs).

When do we know the job is done?  The best measure will  be the Hair Tissue test, plus you reporting near or full resolution of signs and symptoms of ill health and feeling full of energy.


I can't find out any information on Thyro-Mend which I assume is for thyroid support. What is it? What is it's effect?


I have only had this product since the beginning of the year and it plugs a gap in my prescribing wonderfully.  I find it works well with Dr Wilson's adrenal products.  The feedback, to date, has been exciting, especially with athletes who have shown physical improvements in performance.  The stop watch and the weights lifted do not lie.

Here is detailed information about Thyro-Mend:

Douglas Thyromend by Gary Moller


Do we still need extra magnesium and iodine solution in our smoothie?


The answer is "No!"  The adrenal products and Thyro-Mend have it all covered.  But do not throw these away: Add a small single dose per day to your smoothies until what remains is finished.


Where does Candida fit into all of this as after the 2nd hair analysis this was where the focus turned.


Sticking to a full-on candida elimination diet is tough to stick to for most people.  I think you have gone hard out for long enough on candida and it is now time to change the emphasis, while - of course - not letting off on dealing with candida.  Please continue to follow a "candida diet" but you can relax a little if you like.  Continue to take a daily probiotic.  Candida is closely associated with adrenal and thyroid problems and related issues such as oestrogen dominance in women which is now a consistent and persistent feature in your Hair Tissue tests.  The adjusted treatment regime that you are now doing definitely continues to address any ongoing issues that may be related to candida and fungal infections.

Healthy adrenals and thyroid are central to having a strong immune system in place and it is your immune system that will ultimately clear you of infection once and for all.  Keep a close eye on signs of candida such as the spit test.  There should be a gradual improvement.

I trust I have answered your questions sufficiently?  And, thank you for asking.


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