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Friday, June 14, 2013

Feedback on "Running on Empty" courses is flowing in

I am in the middle of traveling Australia and New Zealand co-presenting a course for health professionals about how to use the InterClinical Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for identifying and treating "burnout" in active people, including athletes.

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The turn out and positive response to the first three presentations of this course Perth, Brisbane and Auckland has been amazing. Brisbane, for example, had over 70 attendees.  And people have been incredibly positive and receptive to what we are presenting.

Having so many experienced health professionals in one room at a time, discussing the same topic, is like having a huge "Brains Trust".   Although I may be the person doing the presentation, I must admit to learning more and more all the time because the total interaction with the audience draws out so much more knowledge and understanding of an issue - some unexpected!

Here is some of the feedback from Perth and Brisbane:


“I liked the emphasis on Cu/Zn balance and the implications.”

“Fantastic info, because 90% of my clients have adrenal fatigue.”

“Great to have such an experienced practitioner, with “real people” case studies.”

“I feel much more confident at helping adrenally fatigued clients.”

“Gary was a fantastic speaker with an enormous amount of knowledge.”

“Excellent overall, thank you.”


“Great presenters. Clinical case studies from Gary were excellent and informative”

“Very entertaining and informative deliveries, thank you!”

“Loved the seminar content and knowledge of presenters, would happily do a 2-day seminar”

“Could listen to Zac and Gary for days!”

“Lively, interesting, informed, passionate”

“Presenters - very personable and easy to approach. Great communication – warm and welcoming”

“Well done, very informative, excellent content”

“Am just privileged to have been to yet another of your wonderfully informative and entertaining seminars.”

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