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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How I got my body 'contest ready'

Dolled up, starving and exhausted.  Let the binge begin!

After stepping off stage at about 4pm, this is what I ate in the evening to follow.  Nothing was measured as it was an uncontrolled and guilt-free binge on whatever I wanted.

  • 3 Powerades (2 red, 1 blue...only the best colours!)
  • Lots of orange juice!
  • Lots of chocoloate
  • Burger King: 1 x BK chicken burger with extra mayo, 1 x whopper junior burger with cheese and extra mayo, fries with ketchup, coke
  • Chocolate cake
  • Chocolate ice-cream
  • Nutella sandwiches with Molenburg bread, lots of them

The next morning I woke up and feasted on more chocolate for breakfast, followed with 8 pieces of toast with Nutella, then went out for pancakes with bacon, banana and maple syrup.  I put on about 1kg overnight and expect that has gone up further since, although part of this will be to do with rehydration.

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