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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Running nostalgia - Style and Drills

Here's the link to a great website if you are into running history:
(Thanks to Trevor Vincent for finding this website)
And, if you are into running style and seeking prefection of the running physique, look no further!

Running drills to develop the running musculature and style were part and parcel of every training session.  Then, in the 1950's, running underwent a revolution when New Zealand runner, turned coach, developed his system of athletic conditioning.  This article about Peter Snell explains it:

Jules Ladoum├Ęgue Profile
1.71 (5’7”) 59kg (130 lbs)

The famous photo of Ladoum├Ęgue
 showing his fine running form.

Running drills were always an integral part of Lydiard's training programmes and it is sad that most middle and long distance runners - in New Zealand anyway - have long forgotten the value of these: Very much to the detriment of injury prevention and performance.

Strong physiques, good drive off the toes, high knee lift: Impressive!

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