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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Essential running drills for perfect running form and efficiency

If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you will be away that I am a fan of running drills.  The only problems with this is:
  • I am lousy at demonstrating running drills.
  • I have had trouble finding a good summary with demonstrations of the best running drills for runners.

Solution found!

(Thank you Rebecca Armstrong)

This video nicely demonstrates a set of running drills that all runners need to incorporate into their weekly training schedule. Whether they are training for a marathon or an 800 meter race.

These drills become ever more important as an athlete gets older because they help to offset the imbalances and loss of form that typically comes with ageing. In my opinion, most of the slowing that is attributed to getting old is, in fact, the consequence of neglect - in other words - controllable and even reversible - not irreversible ageing.

I have a hill that I go up during most runs and have been making a habit of springing up it, just to counter the tendency to become a flat-footed but very fit plodder in my old age. This video takes things a stride longer.  It takes me back to teenage times!

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