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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Patient Feedback: Shanon Stallard a burned out Iron Man rises from the ashes

If you read by last blog in June, Overtraining, In need of a break… and What’s winter like?, you would know that I trained myself into a bit of a hole after IMNZ and had decided to take a seasons break; staying home and spending my first winter since 2009 in New Zealand.
Well, the winter was pretty tough going, even if people do say “it was a mild winter this year”. I think I’m solar powered as I struggled with the short dark days. Adding to this was the fact that I had burnt myself out and was lacking energy and drive; it wasn’t a good mix. I wouldn’t say I was depressed, but I wasn’t exactly a happy camper as the winter weeks slowly ticked by.
Burnt all my matches
Burnt all my matches
In my previous post I talked about how I needed this break for “physiological, psychological and financial reasons”; It wasn’t until I stopped training and started resting, that I realised how much ......

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