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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mountain Biking 101: How to do a skid pan test

Perhaps the number one challenge when riding a bicycle over varying terrain, at speed, is figuring out just how much traction one has at any moment.  Especially when going down hill.

This is where regular skid pan testing is important.

 The following is a visual presentation of such testing on steep, rocky terrain, such as found in Wellington.












  • Take one very expensive bike and one willing (stupid/cocky) person.
  • Choose Your testing ground (preferably very steep and rocky - of course!).
  • Hurtle down the slope at high speed, choosing carefully your skid pan test point (when and where you apply the brakes).
  • Apply brakes.
  • Close eyes.

Assessing your results:

  • You remain either upright or not!

Protective gear worn during test:

  • Helmet
  • Safety glasses
  • Rash guards on shoulder and hips
  • Two layers of lycra shorts
  • Rugby vest with impact padding
  • Gloves 


  • Place sex life on indefinite hold.

The following is a visual record of a human skid pan test.

Shaved ham anybody?

NB: Ensure no scratches on frame by sacrificing body beneath cycle at moment of impact

Alternative title for this post 

(as suggested by his very understanding partner, Alofa)

"Gary's mountain bike crash: Number 101"

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