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Monday, July 28, 2014

Can you see where this lady kept her cellphone?

The first image shows the vascular changes in the area where she kept her phone tucked into her bra.  Not good!

The second image is of one of my clients with painful fibrocystic breast disease affecting her left breast.  Incidentally, you will note that this "hot spot" would probably be missed by a mammogram, if she had one.  The third image is of her breast a year later, showing the wonderful benefits of the interventions we used with her.

Regardless of age and family history; if you are concerned about the health of your breasts, the first action is to arrange to have a breast thermogram.  A thermogram, unlike mammograms, is completely non-invasive and carries absolutely no risk of radiation induced cancer.  Thermograms are sophisticated infrared imaging of the breasts.  Unlike mammograms, the thermogram is your first tool for detecting inflammation in the breast, your precursor to breast cancer.

Have you ever wondered what comes before the cancer?
In most cases, its inflammation!

NB: Gary Moller has no financial links with the thermogram screening service

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