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Monday, August 04, 2014

31,581 femur fractures blamed on Fosamax and Alendronate use!

These drugs are enthusiastically promoted on New Zealand television by celebrities such as Judith Dobson to prevent fractures.  The evidence is growing that they INCREASE fractures (Please bear in mind that as few as 1% of cases are ever officially reported).

Total reported major side effects for these two "bone sparing" drugs exceeds a whopping 200,000! :

Most common side effects for patients taking FOSAMAX:
FEMUR FRACTURE (26988 patients
FALL (21241 patients
OSTEONECROSIS (15354 patients
OSTEOARTHRITIS (14625 patients
ANXIETY (14421 patients
DEPRESSION (14302 patients
HYPERTENSION (12928 patients
ARTHRALGIA (11612 patients
TOOTH DISORDER (11082 patients

Is your doctor in the "health" business or the "drug-pushing" one?

Make sure that you choose a doctor who understands the business of health (unfortunately these are rare creatures).

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