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Monday, October 20, 2014

The intestinal inflammation and pain has gone

"Hi Gary

The stuff you gave me a month ago has worked.  The intestinal inflammation and pain has gone as well as the unpleasant symptoms of ulcerative colitis.  I feel much better now.  I just have to try and stay calm because I think stress triggers it. 

When I had colitis before, I had to go to the specialist and was on all sorts of drugs and steroids and it took ages to see any benefit.  A year I think.  This way is much easier."
(Name supplied but withheld)

This feedback downplays just how difficult it can be to get on top of nasty health issues like ulcerative colitis.  The key to success is not getting too tied up with chasing and suppressing symptoms, but with trying, as best we can, to identify the root causes of the ill health.  Everyone is different in their own quirky ways and it is for this reason that one-size-fits-all therapies are more often only partially successful.

In the end success comes to those who are patient and take their time.  Unlike drugs nutritional therapies are slow and subtle and, thankfully, without nasty side effects!

If you have a chronic health issue and tired of taking drugs with unpleasant, harmful side effects, contact me and we will see what can be done with regards to your nutrition and lifestyle:

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