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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Please help - I have suddenly been struck down with anxiety, depression and extreme fatigue - updated 10/02/15

"I am a 16 year old male suffering from adrenal fatigue.

About two months ago something happened. During a very long time i had been working out excessively in the gym and using a very high-caffeine drink before my workouts. I only rested one day a week and I usually spent that day studying or doing other activities. 

I felt great untill that one week when suddenly my energy wasn't quite as high as usual. I ignored my tiredness and drank my high-caffeine drink and worked out anyway. Then i started noticing my confidence going down for no reason. By the end of that week i was tired and in a strange way i didn't have my usual confidence. I ignored these symptoms and worked out with my high- caffeine drink anyway. Then one day after my workout something happened. I came home and had a HUGE "down", i was suddenly depressed and was struck by anxiety AND I was so tired. I also felt weak in my knees, wrists and hands. Ever since that day it has not gone away. I sleep over ten hours yet I'm tired and fatigued when i wake up. 

Now i am noticing other symptoms like blue/black under eyes, lines on my fingers and most of all i have lost the lust for life and being happy. (also sex drive for that matter). I also did the pipil test with the flashlight and my pupils seemed to struggle to keep attracting. 
My doctor didn't see anything wrong when he saw the urinal- and blood test but i know there is something wrong with my body. 

I am thinking about buying the Dr Wilson adrenal fatigue quarter pack. The only thing that i am unsure of is if there is any age restriction. I am only 16 but i really need to recover from this. My main concern is that this adrenal fatigue will mess my whole puberty and maturing process because the adrenals are responsible for 40% of the hormones or whatever...

Please help!"
(Quoted with permission)

High caffeine pre-workout supplements are all the rage right now; however they are a deal with the devil, so to speak.  There is payback later in return for the immediate benefits.  

Symptoms of excess caffeine use include:

  • Fast and irregular heartbeat (palpitations).
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Rambling speech and thoughts.
  • Jitters.
  • Nervousness and anxiety.
  • Headaches.
  • Tummy upset.
  • Insomnia.
  • Cardiac arrest (death).
Long term (if still alive!)
  • Addiction.
  • Stomach ulcers.
  • Depression.
  • Extreme tiredness, weakness of heart and muscles and extreme loss of stamina.
The risk of death is real:  at least two young men have died from cardiac arrest in New Zealand gyms in recent years, shortly after consuming pre-workout energy supplements.

Enough said about these pre-workout supplements, other than to say, "Don't take them!"

Let's get some help for this young man by answering his questions and giving some helpful advice.

Can he take Dr Wilson's Adrenal Fatigue supplements?

The answer is "Yes!" His signs and symptoms, including pupil test, are consistent with adrenal fatigue and there is no age for diet and nutrient interventions to aid recovery.  His story and description of symptoms point to his having exhausted and or damaged his adrenal glands, presumably from the combination of excessive use of stimulants combined with hard daily workouts and presumably an inadequate diet.

How the adrenals work

The adrenal glands manufacture almost 50 different hormones, including steroid hormones such as adrenalin, cortisol, aldosterone, estrogen and testosterone.  Adrenalin and cortisol are shot into the bloodstream during stress such as when working out.  These hormones quicken the pulse, increase blood pressure, mobilise fats and sugars, heighten the senses and generally prepare the body and mind for battle (very much like caffeine when you think about it).  Yes, caffeine stimulates the adrenals to release these hormones.  Here the problems begin!

The adrenals do not have an endless supply of cortisol and adrenalin: they continuously produce tiny amounts of these hormones which are carefully stored in readiness for the occasional stressful event.  If the adrenals are being constantly signalled to drop their loads due to excessive caffeine consumption, intense workouts and a fast life in general, then the adrenals can quickly be depleted and even begin to suffer damage.  Especially if combined with a nutrient-poor diet.  

The end result can be CRASH and BURN big time, including cardiac failure because the adrenal hormones regulate blood pressure and heart function (think of the paramedic injecting adrenaline directly into the heart muscle when resuscitating a victim of cardiac arrest).

Dr Wilson's products are safe to take at any age.  If they contained hormones, I would not be saying this.  Dr Wilson's products are carefully formulated nutritional products derived from the best ingredients available.  There are no hormones in them at all: The ingredients provide the nutritional substrate that exhausted and damaged glands so desperately need to both repair and to manufacture more hormones as and when required.

There are many adrenal support supplements available nowadays and I have played round with many over the years.  However, each time i have gone full circle back to Dr Wilson's adrenal products.  His may be quite expensive but they are simply the best.

I have looked at the medical tests that this young man's doctor ordered and the doctor is correct when reviewing the test results to conclude that he could see nothing the matter.  

For two reasons:
  1. The doctor ordered the wrong tests, if he was wanting to assess adrenal function.
  2. Doctors are no longer taught about how to recognise or treat adrenal fatigue.  Medicine will only recognise adrenal shutdown at its most extreme (Addison's) for which the treatment is powerful patent steroids.
(Adrenal fatigue has been written out of the medical textbooks since the late 1950's at about the time of the commercial launch of a steroid drug called Prednisone.  Previously, doctors were taught how to use glandular extracts for the treatment of adrenal exhaustion).

Here is what I recommend for this young man:

  • Commence a course of Dr Wilson's adrenal fatigue programme under the guidance of a trained health professional.  Refer here to find a practitioner.  
  • Start with Dr Wilson's Adrenal Rebuilder, Super Adrenal Stress Formula and Adrenal C.
  • It may be necessary to consistently follow an adrenal fatigue recovery programme for as long as three months - sometimes longer - to be sure that one has recovered.  Young people generally recover faster than older people.
  • Avoid caffeine and other stimulants and get plenty of rest, including regular sleep.
  • Exercise, but only every second day.  The exercise may be invigorating while not being exhausting.
  • Ensure the diet is rich in all of the nutrients the body requires to manufacture lean tissue, hormones and neurotransmitters.  This means a wide range of fats and proteins from fresh animal, fish and plant sources.  Eggs are a good source of everything.  Eat bright and dark vegetables and berries for powerful protective antioxidants.  
  • In addition to Dr Wilson's adrenal formulations, take a good quality multivitamin.
  • Protein is not stored like fat and sugar in the body.  If protein is not immediately available from digestion for tissue repair, hormone production and so on, then the protein will be taken from lean tissues, thus weakening the body.  To become stronger and healthier it is a good rule of thumb to have a little protein about every four waking hours.
  • If there has not been a significant improvement within about six weeks then it may be wise to investigate for additional possibilities that may contribute to chronic fatigue, such as glandular fever, which is very common in young men and women but difficult to diagnose until after the disease has run its course.
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