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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

My new Super Smoothie Recipe

The Super Smoothie comes up with a recipe that ticks all the right boxes nutritionally, is affordable and mostly sourced from New Zealand manufacturers.

The Super Smoothie is not a food supplement. It is a nutrient-packed meal. It is not additional to your groceries - it is part of your groceries.  

It can replace one of your daily meals, such as breakfast. It is a recovery meal following hard exercise.  Share your smoothie with your family, especially your children. 

It is perfect to drink daily during pregnancy and breast-feeding, for the elderly, the infirm, or anybody who needs a nutrient-packed meal without a huge number of calories.

It's the most affordable way to get all your nutrients - and more - without resorting to taking large numbers of vitamin pills.

"Was just writing to let you know that the recipe and powder you gave me is working a treat! 
After my 10km run, my legs were feeling like they could get quite sore! They were achy on Sunday, but Monday I was totally fine! I can't believe it! Usually, I get the sorest muscles and they last four-five days!"

"I ran 59.51 so just made my goal and was 3rd in my age group so was super stoked! :-)"


Storage and convenience

Mix the powders in the ratios above, then store the mix in 1-2 large glass containers, ready for quick use when in a hurry. Put the rest away, sealed tight in a cool dry place.

Add these according to taste and preferences (you'll need a blender if adding solids)

  • Seasonal fruits and/or vegetables.
  • Coconut cream. Coconut water.
  • Full cream non-homogenised milk (silver top).
  • Water (avoid fruit juice because too much sugar) if needed.
  • Blend.
  • Add one fresh free-range egg with 10 seconds to go (do not blend egg too long to prevent damage to the delicate nutrients).

How much protein do you need daily?

Here is a handy calculator and informative article about protein:

When to take it

Most people prefer to start the day with a Super Smoothie. It is a meal and energising!

You may find it refreshing and regenerating to have an extra Super Smoothie at the end of a hard day.  It is the obvious choice of refreshment following a hard physical workout.

It is perfect for after a hard exercise session. Many athletes find it convenient to carry a small pot of premix and a shaker with them to training, or when on the road, so that they can whip up a quick shake with either plain water or some other liquid such as milk, coconut milk or coconut water.

It is perfect for hiking. Compact, light - just add water.

Handy Tips

If a person, such as a child, must take a pill or two but has trouble getting them down, the thick creamy liquid of the Super Smoothie may do the trick as compared to water alone. The thick liquid will grab the pills and sweep them down the throat and mask any unpleasant taste.

It is not just for athletes

The Super Smoothie is ideal and totally safe for children, expectant and nursing Mums, the elderly and the infirm. It is great for anybody struggling with ill health or poor recovery following an injury. It is the superior alternative to multivitamins.

One Addition

Add 2-4 capsules of Algotene daily. This is nutrient-packed and includes potent fat-soluble anti-oxidants and a wide range of trace elements, including a little iodine and lithium.

Some Research

  1. Sujon Blackcurrant Extract:
Read, read and read:

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