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Friday, July 27, 2007

Choosing the right Omega 3 oil

There are many different kinds of Omega 3 oils to choose from nowadays. In this video, I run through several of your choices.


Wayne said...

the body needs the omega three form found in fish oil, not in flax seed oil, the body has to convert the fat to teh fish oill form epa and dha, but the conversioin rate is at best 18% at worst 0.2percent depending on a persons metabolism, fish oil is far more preferable, i've tried both and i found theres no comparison to fish oil.

Unknown said...

Wayne - your info is as given out by most popular sources but there is a school of thought that thinks that ala is stored in body fat and converted AS NEEDED whilst epa and dha must be used when supplied and cannot be stored. So the apparent conversion rate may be irrelevant.
I took a high quality cod liver oil for years (1 dessert spoon daily containing 2,300mgms epa/dha)
but found several added benefits when I added 2 dessert spoons of fresh, properly cold-pressed flax oil to my regime - so there seems to be much more going on here than
at first meets the eye. If you can help me too understand more it would be appreciated.