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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Success with getting rid of an itchy, discoloured rash

"Also, I just noticed today in the shower that my rash that I've had under my armpits and on my stomach has almost totally gone away.  I didn't even notice because it wasnt itchy or anything so forgot about it until thinking its probably from those adrenal supplements as thats the only thing that I've really changed in my diet over the last couple of months. pretty happy with that!"
This young woman has been plagued with an annoying and unsightly skin rash for about four years that was spreading from her armpits, over her chest and tummy.  Despite specialist consultations, powerful drugs and creams, nothing gave much more than temporary relief.

It was of no coincidence that the rash first developed following a prolonged period of stress in her life.  Stress, along with a poor diet, including excess alcohol can result in adrenal fatigue.  The adrenals are central to a strong immune system.  Weak adrenals are associated with vulnerability to all kinds of infections and failure to heal.  Poor adrenal health is associated with weak, thinning skin.

She began taking Dr James Wilson's supplements for adrenal fatigue (These are by prescription only) at the beginning of the year.  As is usually the case with these chronic conditions, they just quietly melt away to be forgotten completely, unless reminded.  At which time the usual response is; "Oh my gosh - I had completely forgotten about it!"

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