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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The myth of osteoporosis exposed

About 15 years ago, when I was running a small rehabilitation clinic, a sales man tried to sell me a Dexa Scan machine which measures bone density.  His presentation was not about health promotion; but about the wonderful business model surrounding this highly expensive diagnostic machine.  It is a machine that strikes terror into the hearts of women.  It was guaranteed a money-printer according to the sales pitch!  Health was barely mentioned.

In my opinion, the osteoporosis business is deeply flawed.  It always has been.  I know what osteoporosis is.  Where is the epidemic?  Where are all the women snapping bone,s left right and center, due to weak bones?  Sure there are women out there with osteoporosis but there is nothing like the widespread epidemic being broadcast from on high. Is it real or is it a myth, manufactured by big business to terrorise women into undertaking highly expensive and therapies that actually destroy health?

I get very angry when a woman comes to me, in tears, after being told she has osteopaenia or osteoporosis.  In most cases, the diagnosis is wrong. It terrifies unnecessarily.  In my opinion.

Bilateral hip fracture associated with "bone-sparing"
medication use.
The xray-based bone density test that drives the osteoporosis industry is deeply and irreparably flawed.  It is irrelevant for the majority of women.  It is a poor predictor of fracture risk.  Better predictors are balance eyesight and the number of medications being taken.  Anti osteoporosis drugs increase fracture, heart failure, dementia and cancer risks - how about that for a kind of madness!  High bone density increases your breast cancer risk several fold!  This is no BS - this is based on published peer reviewed research.

"What is more concerning to women: breaking a bone (from which one can heal), or developing breast cancer? If it is the latter, a low BMD reading could be considered cause for celebration and not depression, fear and the continued ingestion of inappropriate medications or supplements, which is usually the case following a diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis."
Sayer Ji

"How can you make such outrageous statements?  Where's your evidence, Moller?"

Here is the link to an excellent, carefully referenced, article that summarises the issues very nicely.  Please enjoy the read and make up your own mind:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gary: As you know, a bone scan some years ago showed I had osteopoenia. They prescribed Fosamax, which I took for a short time until I visited my dentist. He showed me ghastly photos of osteonecrosis of the jaw caused by bisphosphonates, and my periodontist refused to treat me for the same reason. I stopped the Fosamax immediately and took high-dose vitamin D (5000 iu per day) instead. Two years later my osteopoenia showed no deterioration in a bone scan. I recommend vitamin D instead of Fosamax. - Alex (& Happy New Year!)