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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Swimming: Glassford overcomes pool chemical issues

Matthew Glassford: 'My life feels so much better now.' Photos by Alistair McMurran.
Matthew Glassford: 'My life feels so much better now.' Photos by Alistair McMurran.
Matthew Glassford wanted to become an elite international swimmer and came to Dunedin from Alexandra six years ago to fulfil his dream.
He was dedicated and trained hard, initially under the guidance of Duncan Laing and for the last five years with Osca coach Gennadiy Labara.
Progress became slow and had come to a dead stop last year. He contemplated giving up the sport.
''My teeth were going chalky and my muscle growth was halted,'' Glassford said.
''I wanted to get my sinuses sorted out. My nose was constantly running and it was filling my lungs with junk.
''I had very low energy and was always tired. I couldn't do anything and was burning out.''
It was at this stage that his mother, Karen Glassford, intervened and helped her son get his swimming back on track.
Glassford's cousin is international mountain biker Samara Shepherd, who was having similar energy and motivational problems.
Wellington health consultant Gary Moller watched her compete at a mountain bike competition, recognised her problem, and said he could help. Moller's treatment worked for Shepherd and she has been contracted to a professional mountain bike team in Belgium this year.
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myoswimwear said...

I am glad that treatment was able to be put in place for Matthew and his cousin, and I hope they make a full recovery.