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Friday, May 03, 2013

Why do many women have osteopaenia or osteoporosis?

Modern eternal war is the perfect
business model.
The other "Eternal War" is the one
to enslave the bodies
of womanhood
One of the most frequent inquiries coming my way is from women mostly over 40 who have been told by their doctor that they have weak bones.

It is needless terrorism

Some arrive on my doorstep in tears after being told they have either osteopaenia or osteoporosis.  This is a very serious thing to drop on an otherwise healthy woman; especially when the only solutions offered condemn them to a life time of drugs, mega-doses of harmful synthetic vitamins and minerals (vitamin D and calcium) and constant worry that they may trip and break a bone.

In many cases this is irresponsible, alarmist rubbish!

If there is an osteoporosis epidemic, then where are the hospital wards full of women with broken bones?  There aren't.  Yes, there is osteoporosis and some women do unfortunately fall and break a hip; but there is not an epidemic of fractures.  If a woman has low bone density, as many may, this is actually a poor predictor of fracture risk (There are articles linked later in this article which explain this).  Being on heart medication is a better predictor of fracture risk than a Dexa Scan.  

Did you know that "bone sparing" medication actually increases fracture risk after two years use!  Did you know that there are now more than 2,000 law suits pending in the New Jersey courts alone for osteonecrosis and hip fracture, allegedly caused by the use of Fosamax?  (Fosamax is just one of many kinds of "bone-sparing" drug of the bisphoshonate class).

Hardly any woman over the age of 50 will not be declared anything less than being osteopaenic following a scan.  This is simply the way it works: It is a test that is based on dodgy science using a scaling system that almost guarantees a diagnosis of low bone density.

The motivation is purely for commercial gain: In my opinion:
  • The Dexa Scan is a high value service for the clinic that is quick and easy to operate.
  • It gives the "evidence" for justifying a woman sacrificing her body for the cause: The war on osteoporosis which includes subjecting oneself annually to yet another source of cancer-causing radiation consuming expensive patented vitamins and minerals which will actually accelerate bone loss, arthritis and fatigue!
  • And has them enroll in the clinic's profitable "bone strengthening" programme (A waste of money and effort if not combined with a proper drugs-free nutritional balancing programme).
  • It has them coming back for an annual screen (A captured population and ongoing profitability).
  • When this does not work, as it surely won't, then the clinic can put them on an even higher value "bone-sparing" drug like Fosamax which is guaranteed to destroy a woman's health, thus requiring even more high value drugs and medical procedures.
Screening programmes like these are a form of costly medical entrapment that has nothing to do with health.  In my informed opinion. Where's the published peer reviewed evidence of long term benefits such as improved life expectancy and improved quality of life?  I haven't found it yet.  

Incidentally, the Dexa Scan is now being extended to measure body fat: Yet even more cancer-causing radiation.  As if there wasn't too much already! This is totally contradictory in terms of  good health practice.

Real health has been hijacked and distorted 

for the purposes of commercial profit

A parallel health issue with equally dodgy motives and lack of credible evidence is the cholesterol lowering industry:  A further outrageous example of the hijacking of health for profit is the highly successful seasonal flu vaccine: and here:

The osteoporosis industry reminds me of the Halliburton model for the "Business of War".  The next obvious move in the war on osteoporosis is to target men, similar to what the cosmetics industry has done after exhausting its supply of women for business growth.

Sex sells: Terror sells even better!

Here are a series of articles that you will find relevant to this discussion:

  • Does calcium prevent osteoporosis?
  • Calcium and heart disease:
  • Vit D articles
  • Fosamax etc
  • Gillian Sanson  and (Highly recommended!).
Cochrane Reviews on osteoporosis:

Sadly, I can't find convincing evidence of benefit from these drugs in terms of life expectancy or morbidity when adjusted for "all causes".

You will realise there is good cause to be cautious about any health matters in which Big Business has a controlling hand . You may also appreciate why I decided to separate myself from the "system" some years ago. 

I am not winning any popularity contests for calling out aloud that the Emperor has no clothes but it is difficult to remain silent following the tearful visit from a healthy woman who has just been told she has a terrible disease that, in her case, may actually be an unsubstantiated  concoction of myth for commercial profit and she is given little in the way of treatment choice other than spending the rest of her life on harmful drugs.

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